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About GCC

GCC was founded on the back of The Halliday Group businesses which originated in Australia. GCC has now been based in UAE for over 10 years and developed a deep and targeted network to support their clients’ business objectives.


GCC draws on decades of experiences from its shareholders, partners and staff to provide professional, tailored services. GCC provides individuals and groups transaction facilitation, consulting and business partnering, helping at every stage of the business lifecycle. Specialising in the landmark moments for a business such as major acquisitions or sales of assets, our services have the potential to unlock enormous value for our clients. 


How GCC Works

Our service solutions range from the business opportunity inception, structuring business growth, through to business monetisation and supporting our clients onto their next investment opportunity. While our greatest value is added at landmark moments such as significant capital investments, divestments or restructurings, our day-to-day services can also play an integral role in the implementation and success of a business.



The end-to-end approach we adopt goes beyond both traditional transaction facilitators or consultants, by better understanding the needs of the Client, reliably delivering throughout their business cycle and supporting them through to the next business venture. We understand our success comes from the success of our Clients. 

 Smart success-based engagement-model for our clients

 Discrete, targeted approach


 No time wasting for our clients or us

High-impact service



We assist both buyers and sellers in transactions and is where we add the most value for our clients.


For investors looking to sell an asset, we identify potential buyers through our GCC private network or from 3rd party sources. We consult across the entire process, from making strategic introductions and facilitating communication to assisting with final negotiation and closure. 


For investors looking to acquire an asset, we secure qualified investment & business opportunities tailored to their mandates. These are usually private, off-market transactions that our clients would not otherwise have access to. We also facilitate the investment and acquisition process for our clients. By keeping our clients at the centre of our business, we focus on bringing first-rate opportunities with favourable access.

Sourcing Growth Capital

Businesses benefit from our ability to source growth capital, accelerating their growth. This capital comes in numerous forms, including new equity investments, short or long-term debt, mezzanine debt, etc. Our team can review your business and provide a tailored solution to best meet your requirements.

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Consulting & Partnering

Our Clients’ benefit from our ongoing management & consultancy services that support the various stages of the investment and business development and growth cycles. These services are provided through our consulting subsidiary, Gulf International Management (GIM). GIM's business partnering philosophy enables us to secure the vital insights to facilitate the appropriate business operating model, aligning our Clients’ strategic imperatives to well-defined business processes and structures, according to which its people are effectively deployed to deliver the venture scorecard and investment return measures.


Pre- investment – Investor commitment is significantly enhanced when the business opportunity is based on a ‘fit-for-purpose’ operating model, optimally geared to deliver the investment returns. To this end, GIM ensures the ventures’ strategies, their business processes, structural designs and people ‘ways of working’ are orientated to ensure the effective implementation of the investment opportunity.


Project support - GIM provides qualified, independent personnel or outsourced management of operational processes. This service ensures project budgets are kept and money is spent where it is allocated. This is particularly useful for when it is otherwise not feasible for investors to oversee the investment, for reasons ranging from limited management time to geographical constraints to industry know-how. 



Post-investment – Our group can provide leading experts to assist at Executive or Board levels, advancing the strategic objectives of the shareholders while also contributing new ideas and opportunities for growth. 


Investment Services

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GCC's subsidiary, InVest, provides private clients with a range of Investment Services. With decades of experience in investment services and management, the InVest team work closely with their private clients to help them achieve their long term investment goals.


Financial Support

for SME

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Through challenging financial times, GCC has sought ways to provide support back to SMEs and the recovering economy. One GCC initiative is UNICUS. UNICUS unlocks the potential of small business through tailoring management support and investment. As a non-bank trade finance provider UNICUS delivers solutions to unlock working capital for ethical startups and SMEs across a range of sectors. It specialize in financing sectors and geographic regions that other providers can’t or won’t serve, with a goal of fueling international trade for all.

To learn more about UNICUS, please click here



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